About our spending planner programme

The Money Movement offers an extensive 6-month programme to get you 100% comfortable with using our simple Spending Planner Software.

A lot of people ask “how can I afford the programme when I need Financial help”?

The answer? We sit down with you and work out exactly how you can afford the programme as well as find other spending that may be leaking. We will help to create a plan for you to save for the things you really want e.g. a house deposit.

“Changing one family at a time”.

At the beginning of the Spending Planner program, we work with you to add all your accounts and transactions to have everything in one place and be able to visually see where your money is going.

We use this data to predict future transactions, balances and expenses.

Knowing whether you can afford that holiday in six months and how and where to save money is crucial to reaching your goals. Awareness of where your money is leaking is key to financial freedom

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