THE MONEY MOVEMENT believes to create the change you want to see, you have to make an affirmative case and define exactly what you want to happen. An idea is simply a thought or suggestion for a possible course of action. Some ideas are great; maybe even great enough to change the world. But it’s hard for an idea to get very far on its own. To make a significant impact, an idea needs to become a MOVEMENT … It needs to inspire others to rally behind it and push it forward.

Throughout history, social MOVEMENTS — small groups that are loosely connected but united by a shared purpose — have created transformational change.

It doesn’t just begin with a slogan, but with a clear vision of the change you want to see.

So Please come join THE MONEY MOVEMENT where we Educate, Empower, Encourage and get Families Excited to Improve their money story

Changing The World One Family At A Time