This is why I became a Spending Planner

It saddens me to see Money and financial stress is a leading cause of marriage breakdowns, Depression, broken families and suicide.
So this is My Why !!

I love teaching families there is an easier way to live their ideal lifestyle without money stress and heartache.

The Main reason I became a Spending Planner is my own adult children, becoming like the average family with a mortgage, small children, they were working hard, had 2 great incomes, But always complaining about feeling broke and not getting ahead.

I could see the impact this was having on their relationships
This didn’t make sense to me as Back in my day, when I had 4 children and a mortgage with interest around 18% I never ever felt like that.

So what was wrong ? ??

There are many reasons why families feel under money stress today and I was determined to find a solution. So I set out to find a budget/money management system that would address some of these issues, something that would make a difference and take some pressure out of their life.

Woohoo!!!! I found The Spending Planner ……….. After 30 years of owning and operating my own small business, as well helping many other small businesses with administration, bookkeeping, compliance in a variety of industries.

Motor sales and finance, Earthmoving, Bio fuels, Commerical & Residental Construction and development, Management rights and Tourism.

Like I said, after many years dealing with numbers and a multi of Software Programmes I was blown away by the simplicity how this program works and the unique logic behind it and why it is different from traditional budgeting.

I have come to realize “it’s not about the Money”. Money is just a number with $ sign in front.

To make life easy you just gotta have you numbers in the right place at the right time.

What is Your Why? Your family!!! Do it for them.

“Changing one family at a time”.

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